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Follow the steps below to be presented with the most accurate guidance and resources for your Online Community Engagement Activity (OCEA). You may select as many answer options to as many questions as you feel are relevant for you at this moment. This means you do not necessarily have to answer every question below.


Type of OCEA

OCEAs are not one-size-fits-all. OCEAs encompass a wide range of interventions  and activities that fit different needs and audiences; from webinars and live-streamed conferences to small online dialogue groups and virtual peer-exchanges. Choosing a format and approach that is appropriate for the specific objectives and target audience is the first step towards effective online community engagement. Select the one that best fits your needs

What type of OCEA you are seeking support for?

These are OCEAs in which you involve people from multiple disciplines and backgrounds to gain knowledge or to come to an agreement or output. It is also used to create buy-in to your policy or strategies, or refer to events designed to bring people together to network. This type of OCEA typically engages a large audience.
Facilitated group dialogue sessions do not aim to impart specific knowledge, but rather to have the group learn from and about each other, as well as develop individually and collectively. They are often used to bring people together across a certain divide, whether it be political, religious or social. The goal is to encourage open communication that fosters new relationships. This type of OCEA typically engages a people in small (10-15) groups.
Trainings and workshops are similar in that they both involve imparting specific knowledge to your participants in a collaborative learning environment. Where they diverge is how knowledge and information are being transferred. In trainings, the knowledge dissemination comes from the organizers, whereas in workshops the knowledge dissemination happens on a horizontal, peer-to-peer level. This type of OCEA typically engages a medium size audience (25-30).


Phase of your OCEA

The Resource Hub offers resources applicable to each phase of your OCEA, which are organized into design, implementation, and evaluation phases. Please select which phase you are currently seeking support on:

The design phase of your OCEA is one of the most important phases. Here you will find resources and guidance on how to design your OCEA, and what tools to use. This includes digital tools and activities.
Here you can find digital tools, practical guidance you can use for implementation, and tools for facilitating your OCEA.
Here you will find tools that help you in monitoring and evaluating the quality and impact of your OCEA. This includes survey tools, research into OCEAs, and metrics for OCEA impact research.


Type of resource

This OCEA Resource Hub can link you to different types of resources to support your OCEA. Please specify what type of support you are currently looking for.

Here are selected courses and trainings that will help you improve your OCEA.
Here you will find digital tools that can be used for OCEAs. These include video conferencing platforms, mail mergers, and learning management systems.
If you are organizing a facilitated OCEA this will help you find all the resources you need. This includes an activity bank where you can select activities to help you during your facilitated dialogue, and a Group Process Framework.
Here you will find step-by-step how-to guides and other practical advice.
Here you will find resources aimed at M&E, such as survey tools and analysis guidelines.
Select this option for resources focused on background research and reports from projects/case studies.


Theoretical or hands-on support

This Resource Hub offers both research-based theoretical resources and hands-on tools and tips.

This platform can connect you to both research on OCEAs and hands-on tips and tools on how to design or implement your OCEA. Therefore, please tell us what you are currently most interested in:

These guidelines and resources focus on the practical aspect of your OCEA. These include how-to guides and online tools.
These resources include reports, case studies, and research findings.


Your audience

Your OCEA may be targeting a specific audience. This hub can link you to specific resources for dedicated audiences. If your OCEA targets a specific audience, you can select this here:

This includes both government and non-governmental stakeholders, including but not limited to Member States, civil society organisations, media, and private sector.


Your region

You may be organising your OCEA in a specific region, and seek inspiration from examples or lessons learned from OCEA activities in the region in which you work. If so, please select the region you seek support for:

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